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The Politics of Love (The Politics Of… #2) by Drew Taylor – Free eBooks Download


How do you find a wife for a man who lives up to his Austenian romantic hero’s name? You become her.

Hayden Bennett—campaign manager, secret anime addict, and ball of sunshine—is tasked with finding a wife for the world’s most insufferable man. A.K.A, her billionaire boss, Darcy Marshall. But in a dramatic turn of events, Darcy offers Hayden the promoted position of wife alongside a pay raise and a place to live after getting kicked out of her apartment. Hayden, regardless of her fierce independence, considers his offer thanks to her complicated past. She can be the loyal wife of a man who makes her blood boil and causes early gray hairs for a few short years, right?
Darcy Marshall found the perfect wife—his campaign manager. His poll numbers have never been higher, and he’s destined for the presidency. Home life, on the other hand, is the equivalent to driving seventy miles per hour down a street littered with potholes. Hayden Bennett may have been the perfect choice for a wife on paper, but now Darcy wonders how he will possibly spend up to eight years married to the spitfire woman who challenges him at every turn.

The Politics of Love follows two broken souls as they navigate their personal scars, the pressures of the national spotlight, and a fake (but becoming more real by the day) marriage.

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