The Other Side of Maybe by Cassidy Nixon (ePUB)

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The Other Side of Maybe (Red Willow Crest #1) by Cassidy Nixon – Free eBooks Download


My life as a wealthy businessman’s trophy wife is a hollow charade. Money can’t fill the hole in my heart left by recent loss.
Then my husband uproots us to a rustic mountain resort in Northern California, claiming it’s for my well-being. I’m torn from my comfort zone and thrust into a world of untamed wilderness, towering peaks, and pesky mosquitoes—far from the city lights and my beloved stilettos.
Here I encounter Maverick Holt, a brooding enigma with raven-black hair, captivating blue eyes, and an array of tattoos hinting at a hidden wildness.
I should resist him, fight against the magnetic pull drawing us together. After all, I’m a married woman. But fate insists on bringing us together. With my husband’s constant absence, Maverick becomes my solace, awakening a passion my marriage lacks.

Red Willow Resort has always been my sanctuary, holding cherished memories and heart-wrenching loss. But financial struggles force my father-in-law to sell.
And when the new owner arrives, he doesn’t come alone—he brings his wife, MacKenzie Caddell, a former model whose affinity for nature and country living is questionable at best.
The woman has no clue how to exist without the internet and designer clothes. I can’t wait for her departure, but our paths cross repeatedly and I find myself inexplicably drawn to her. I know the danger that looms in our forbidden attraction, yet I’m powerless against Kenzie’s allure.
Resisting this desire is useless. Instead, I give in and we embark on a secret affair. But what starts as stolen moments of passion risks consuming us–and everyone around us–in flames.

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