The Orc Next Door by Izzy Irons (ePUB)

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The Orc Next Door (Tusks Over Toes #1) by Izzy Irons – Free eBooks Download


The grass is always greener on the other side—and sometimes, so are the orcs.

All I’m doing is asking the barrel-chested orc next door with the bulging biceps if he’s free to drape me over his knee and spank me live on camera tonight. No big deal for a liberated sun elf, right?
This is so not the way I was hoping to finally strike up a conversation with the shy, sweet, monstrously massive orc in 17C. And even though I’m freshly single and don’t have to worry about my possessive alphahole of an ex, these butterflies aren’t what I wanted to be feeling, either.
I need an orc, any orc, and the one next door fits the bill—that’s all.
Anything else would be crazy, right?

How long I been pining over that perfect little beam of sunshine now? Gotta slow down, make sure not to put the cart before the courser on this one. Almost broke me watching her stay unhappy with that dog she used to live with, so damn close but just out of my reach.
Hells, if I’m being honest, I’m hoping for a fair few things big, tough orcs shouldn’t be hoping for. Things like fate, romance, acceptance, a… a mate.
And there I go again.
These flights of fancy are just what I’m worried about, getting all in my head over these big dreams of mine. After all, what’s a nerdy orc on the wrong side of hefty like me even got to offer a goddess like her?

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