Plight of the Alpha by Mia Rose (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Plight of the Alpha (Full Moon #10) by Mia Rose – Free eBooks Download


Cripple Creek has become highly toxic. The news channel says it’s a total no-go zone. So why would Tanya and Megan need to venture back there? The shaman is supposed to be their next central journey with evil Sanders. High up in the mountains is where they must go. And it’s the same shaman that Gabriel needs to see, too. But it’s been put on hold for a time.

There’s a billion or more stars, and a long quest underneath them. Will Gabriel ever get his wolf back? He’s doing just fine being human. Thankfully, Sascha’s taken a keen and sensual liking to him. So all is well in that sweet scenario. Yes, Gabriel’s ‘love department’ is more-than-good for this playful beta. She’s the real deal, it seems.

Noelle and Declan must try to keep their cool. Sanders has taken their most prized possession. Their beautiful, unique, gorgeous, little boy. And in Declan’s mind, nothing and no one can get in his way, come hell or high water. Determination pushes through, and he’ll find him no matter what it takes. It’s his only mission.

The pack remains strong with the help of Ariana and her expertise. They’re rounding up vlads and letting the sun burn them to smithereens when daylight breaks. Maria is given strange dream states to help them get ahead in their quest for the plight of the alpha, Declan. But what new beasts have been born? The answer to that question is anybody’s guess…

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