The Nanny and the Single Dad by Julia Keanini (ePUB)

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The Nanny and the Single Dad (Juliet Lemon: Marriage Maker #2) by Julia Keanini – Free eBooks Download


Heart throb, Trey Hart, has reached the pinnacle of his career. He’s officially a household name and his face graces billboards from LA to New York. Being cast as the newest lead in a mega superhero franchise has ensured that. And although his newfound fame comes with plenty of perks, it does make dating quite difficult, especially because unlike most men his age he isn’t just looking for a partner in life, he’s looking for a maternal figure for his adorable four-year-old daughter, Hannah. The only available woman Trey has allowed into their lives is Hannah’s favorite person, her nanny, Natalie. But Natalie, for obvious reasons, is off-limits and Trey is back to square one.
Enter Juliet Lemon and her magical gut. She’s helped nearly two dozen men including Trey’s brother, Ethan, find their happily ever afters. So if anyone can help Trey, it would be Juliet.
But when Juliet’s gut seems to go haywire, will it mess up Trey’s chances for future love? Will Trey’s fame be too much of an obstacle to overcome? And will Juliet have to give up marriage making for good? Or will Juliet’s gut guide her right to where they all need to be?

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