Off-Limits & Irresistible by Jenna Gunn (ePUB)

off-limits, jenna gunn

Off-Limits & Irresistible by Jenna Gunn – Free eBooks Download


She ghosted her blind date because of a panic attack. He never forgot the way she felt in his arms.
When the firefighting single dad ends up her boss the rules say no. But the chemistry says yes, yes, oh, yes!
I was so far outside my comfort zone I was practically in outer space.
A blind date with an older man…the dad of a teenage son.
The hotter-than-the-sun firefighter from another district.
It was just one date.
Destined to go nowhere. My mantra is relationships are better left to other people.
But boy did I get blindsided.
I don’t know what I feel harder for…
The charming banter or the mountains of muscles under his black t-shirt.
Then, when he kissed me things things got seriously hot.
So freaking hot I ran.
Literally. Into the bathroom because I couldn’t breathe. What a time to have a panic attack.
So imagine my dismay to be sitting across a desk from those smoldering green eyes one year later.
Hired for a job in his county to help with an arson case.
Only Brock Mitchell isn’t a captain now. He’s the fire chief.
And I’m in seriously hot water.
Because even though our careers are on the line…
And my brother’s enraged…
We can’t seem to put out the flames.
How’s a girl supposed to resist six-plus feet of chiseled, dominant, irresistible boss?
But the arsonist we are chasing is far more dangerous than I ever expected.
Chief Brock Mitchell was born to protect and defend, I just hope he makes it on time.

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