The Last Moonlight Dragon by Dorothy McFalls (ePUB)

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The Last Moonlight Dragon (The Moonlight Dragon #1) by Dorothy McFalls – Free eBooks Download


There used to be dragons in the valley…but they’re gone now. And no one knows where they went.

A Queen’s Lady with a love of books…
Bookish Lady Celestina once was a favorite of the queen who enjoyed pampering her. The queen is now dead. The new queen’s favorite pastime is to hold court spectacles, where she violently maims or slays members of her court who has upset her. Celestina has managed to avoid becoming a spectacle by keeping out of the queen’s way. That is, until the battle.

The Beast of Fein…
General Soren Kitmun leads one of the most feared armies in the four kingdoms. It’s said the goddess of death can’t collect souls fast enough when he’s on the battlefield. When his king sends him to defend the neighboring Kingdom of Earst, he never expected to be rewarded with a Queen’s Lady turned slave.

A gift he never wanted…
After Celestina’s parents commit treason during the battle, Celestina is punished for their crimes and given as a slave the Beast of Fein. She’s magically bound to obey his every whim. General Soren is as beautiful as he is terrifying. He’s a man who never breaks a promise, and he’s vowed to execute the slave…after he’s done playing with her.

As they travel to Soren’s homeland, Celestina falls for this complicated man who has both swore to kill her and has killed to protect her. He’s hiding secrets that frighten her. And she’s discovering she’s not as powerless as the magical slave binding had led her to believe. Uncovering each other’s secrets may destroy not only their hearts but also leave an entire kingdom in ashes.

Finding the missing dragons may be their only hope.

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