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Fae Cursed (Legacy of Magic #1) by Dyan Chick – Free eBooks Download


Welcome, friends, fairies, and creatures of the night. Tonight, you are in for a night of magic, mystery, and mayhem. Welcome to the Rose Circus!
The last thing Ara expected was to be forced into a traveling circus of immortals led by a cursed Ringmaster with a dark past.
She quickly discovers that when it comes to the Rose Circus, nothing is as it seems. The group she’s traveling with are cursed members of the Fae who have had their magic stolen, which protects them from powerful enemies. Fitting in is hard enough without learning that she is capable of breaking the curse protecting them if she and the Ringmaster can’t set aside their growing attraction, putting a target on her back.
When she finally makes her escape back to reality, she is captured by a powerful Fae queen and finds herself in the middle of a centuries old war, with all of the magic left on earth at stake.
Carrying a legacy of magic, herself, the only way Ara is going to make it out of this alive is if she can find a way to unleash her own hidden power.

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