The High Price Of Loneliness by Edward Gray (ePUB)

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The High Price Of Loneliness by Edward Gray – Free eBooks Download


Forever I’ve dreamt of a magical first glance — and powerful first touch. The man each woman dreams of in the deepest and most secret reaches of her heart. I’ve lived without it all my life – somehow, they’ve just never been enough.

Until a mysterious stranger saves me from a blind date gone terribly wrong.
Tall, dark, and hotter than hell itself, Edward Gray’s life is full of secrets, his two rules, and incredible wealth. Though tentative at first, I feel powerless to resist the fiery unquenchable blaze that sparks between us.
But then I discover his Dominant side that wants everything on his terms. Yes, everything.
The heat crackles between us with just his touch, and every gaze in those eyes takes my breath. With passion fueled by equal parts of love and lust, I fall hard, helpless to resist.
Often ashamed, I have always hidden my one – secret personal dilemma from every man — until him. It feels like now or never – it’s finally time to reveal.
I’m Angelica Hart, and this is my date with Destiny. How can I tell you what this means to me? There is so much to say. I cannot find the words. He’s all that I’ve ever dreamt of and more.
But at what price?

-Based on a true story, The High Price of Loneliness is from the writer’s pen of a hardened Dominant. This is book one of an addictive, steamy three-part series showcasing the true essence of BDSM. You will see the primal needs and desires in all of us, that drive millions to explore this world – The High Price Trilogy. Each reads well as a standalone but the story continues.

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