The Hidden Hunter by B.A. Stretke (ePUB)

hidden hunter, ba stretke

The Hidden Hunter (Vampires of Blood and Bones #15) by B.A. Stretke – Free eBooks Download


There is something in the woods…

Kevin Paulson has had nearly everything in his life ripped away from him. He’s now alone in the woods of Central Michigan building a homestead for himself and wondering where everything went wrong and if he’ll ever be able to trust again. What he doesn’t know is that he is far from alone out here in these woods, woods that for hundreds of years have been the playgrounds of cougars and vampires. He’s being watched from afar by a trained soldier of the DuCane Coven, for his safety and something else. The more the soldier watches, the more intrigued and even beguiled he becomes by Kevin, shunning all society and going back to basics. Kevin will soon learn that the man watching him from afar will become his champion and his everlasting love.

Archer Quinn is an elite soldier, tracker, and assassin of Coven DuCane. He’s worked in the field for years advancing his Coven’s interests, but was called home for a special assignment. Keep watch on a man alone in the woods on the edges of DuCane land and the territory of the cougar shifters. The man was breaking no laws, trespassing nowhere, but the Cougars were irrational and the Coven feared for his safety. Archer soon learns that the cougars are the least of this man’s problems and has to leap into action to safe his life. He also learns why this man weighed so heavily on his heart, Kevin Paulson is his fated destined beloved. Can Archer keep him safe and solve the mysteries that surround Kevin? Will Kevin learn to trust the stranger from the woods, the hidden hunter keeping him safe?

Fate is never wrong.

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