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Angelique de Bourbon-Spencer has been born in the world of privilege, but her life has been a masquerade of servitude since the tragic demise of her parents. Reduced to a servant’s role in her aunt and uncle’s household, she endures a degrading treatment from her step-siblings. In the shadowy corners of a lavish ballroom in London though, Angelique’s fate takes an unexpected turn when her eyes meet those of a mysterious masked gentleman.
As if things were not complicated enough, Angelique finds herself romantically torn between two different men… How could it be though that they do not feel all that different?
Antoine Beauchamp-Fitzalans, Marquess of Exeter, returns to London after years abroad, only to uncover his childhood friend Angelique’s startling secret life as a servant. Determined to assist her, he disguises himself as a mysterious masked gentleman, moving freely among the gentry, while also posing as a discreet servant from the neighboring estate. To expose her relatives’ transgressions, Antoine must keep his true identity hidden, all the while earning Angelique’s trust in this high-stakes dance of deception and loyalty.
Could this heartfelt aid turn into something much deeper?
As they wade through the challenges caused by their respective disguises and the nefarious actions of Angelique’s relatives, their connection deepens. Their secret and disguised romance stands on a very delicate balance, but can they unravel the web of secrets and emerge victorious against the internal and external shadows that threaten to consume them?

“The Heiress in Disguise” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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