The Forces of Love by Dani McLean (ePUB)

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The Forces of Love (Movie Magic Novellas) by Dani McLean – Free eBooks Download


Some people fall in love. Others are pushed.

Sophie Anderson knows two things for certain — people can’t be trusted, and she will not date coworker Mitch Langford. With his backwards cap and annoying goofiness, she’ll let him into her bed before she ever lets him into her heart.
Mitch would give up valuable body parts if Sophie gave him a chance. Not the main one, but like, his left leg or something. She’s gorgeous and cagey and secretly a bit of a dork, and every day he gets a little bit closer to making her smile.
Sophie expects everyone to leave.
Mitch is used to being underestimated.
But they aren’t the only ones invested in their relationship.
Their imaginary friends, Levi and Eva, are ready to see their 30-year-old charges finally get their happily ever after. After watching over them for decades, Levi and Eva are convinced they know best, and are determined to make this match.
The bet is simple: get Mitch and Sophie to fall in love, using any means necessary.

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