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Ruaidri (The Sword and the Spirit #4) by Avril Borthiry – Free eBooks Download


More than a year has passed since the foundations of the mighty Templar Order crumbled beneath the weight of King Phillippe’s contentious persecution. Those knights who managed to escape the arrestation sought refuge in other lands. Three knights in particular, Ewan MacKellar, Gabriel Fitzalan, and Jacques Aznar, found their refuge at Castle Cathan, a remote Highland bastion on the rugged western coast of Scotland.
For Ewan, it was a return to his childhood home.
For Ruaidri MacKellar, clan chief, it was the return of a beloved brother and the long-awaited answer to countless prayers.
The tide of time has since bestowed many blessings on those at Castle Cathan, but it has also been polluted by an unspeakable evil in the shape of Alastair MacAulay. The man, surely spawned by the Devil, has at last been dragged off to Hell where he assuredly belongs. One might dare to hope, then, that all is now peaceful in the hearts and minds of those who remain.
Not so. Ruaidri’s hate for Alastair MacAulay still festers within; an unseen wound that refuses to heal. No matter how he might try, he cannot chase the shadows from his mind or attain any real measure of peace in his heart. Which is why he finds it easy to ignore his irrational attraction to Elspeth, Alastair’s sister. Aye, true enough, the lass is innocent, bonny, and kind. She also openly abhors what Alastair has done. Yet, no matter that she seems equally drawn to him, Ruaidri cannot ever imagine allowing her access to his heart, and certainly not his bed.
When presented with an opportunity to court the attractive daughter of another clan chief, Ruaidri pursues it. Giving his heart to another will, he is certain, purge any and all feelings he might have for the sister of his hated enemy. Then, at last, peace of mind and heart will be his. Another prayer answered.
But what if he is not the only one with a prayer? And, that being the case, whose prayer will be heard?
In the end, perhaps the gentle magic of Castle Cathan will intervene and guide Ruaidri’s heart to where it was always meant to be.

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