The First and the Last by Jesse H Reign (ePUB)

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The First and the Last by Jesse H Reign – Free eBooks Download


“Why would I choose, when anyone can see the two of you come as part of a package?”
That’s what she said. Those were the words that changed my life.
Until then Jules and I were friends. Best friends only. Best friends since before we could remember. We had to be. We were the last two wolves born into an aging pack. Our pack was secretive and a little backward, but we had a great life. Sure, our alpha was a bit of a douche, but all alpha’s are douches. Everyone knows that. Thank God, Jules and I were both going to be beta’s.
The night new-girl, Storm, refused to choose between Jules and I, changed everything. The way I looked at him changed forever. He went from my goofball best friend, to being the hottest creature I’d ever seen. At the time, I thought it was the end of the world.
It wasn’t the end of the world…It was just the beginning.
Then our first shift happened, and confusion hit harder.
Why was one of us acting distinctly douche-y? And why was the other running a fever and pleading for things only an omega would want?

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