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The Event (The Tribe #1) by L.K. Beal – Free eBooks Download


The day of The event starts just like any other. Breakfast with her mum, who’s too busy to bother to interact with her only child, being bullied in the halls of school, a typical day in the life of Trinity Palin, everything was as it should be but then something happens that changes everything. The world as Trinity knows it comes crashing down upon her, leaving her grieving and scrambling to survive. Gangs form quickly and the fight for supplies is fierce. It’s just her against the world, like it’s always been. But just as she thought life couldn’t get any harder, an old friend pulls her into a group that live under the town and everything she knew changes again. If they’re to survive some changes need to be made, but am is Trinity strong enough to make them? Does she even want to? She’s only a child, after all, the burden is a heavy one to carry. Only time will tell if they can make it out alive.

Young adult/new adult series book 1 of 2. Suitable for children age 10+ Two curse words. Romance element.

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