The Alien’s Surrender by Ella Maven (ePUB)

alien's surrender, ella maven

The Alien’s Surrender (Outcasts of Corin #2) by Ella Maven – Free eBooks Download


I uncaged a monster…
Amber: The blue alien warrior pacing in his cage terrifies me. His long dark hair is wild and messy, and his scarred body looks made for murder. I deliver food to him every day, and I’m sure by the way he stares at me that he’d rather eat me. Yet there’s something about him that captivates me, and I can’t stop watching him. When he lets the snarling, fearsome mask slip for a moment, I start to see there’s a cool calculation to his actions. I would be risking everything—his life and mine—to help him escape, but do I dare let this monster free from his cage?
Vinz: Getting captured on purpose is not my favorite activity. The food sucks, the guards beat me as their favorite pastime, and more than anything, I miss a good flask of spirits. But I’ll endure all of that for her—the human. She walks like she’s floating, has a voice as soft as Fatas herself, and always gives me the fullest food bowl.
As long as I’m here, I can ensure she’s safe. Until my hands are forced. Until suddenly she’s a vulnerable female in my hands. Until her entire fate rests on me, the outcast of the outcasts. They think I’m a monster? I haven’t even come close to my final form, and for her, I’ll be the worst beast of all.

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