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The Comeback Tour (Trash the Dress #1) by Joelle Speranza – Free eBooks Download


We’ve all fantasized about dating our favorite boy band member and for one young divorced woman, that teenage dream comes true—but is falling in love with the “bad boy” whose posters lined her bedroom walls and now needs her to redeem his reputation worth the consequences?

Cailin McCall spent her teenage years chasing boy bands, particularly 5 Leo Hearts. After she finds herself divorced, and recently fired from her unfulfilling job at age 29, Cailin vows to stop settling and start living life to its fullest. When her friend offers her a job working as a music publicist, Cailin figures she has nothing left to lose…except she ends up risking her credibility, vows to herself, and her heart.
Jax Slater has been dubbed the “bad boy” of 5 Leo Hearts, a boy band worshiped by millions of fans worldwide. He garnered a reputation for his womanizing ways until he settled into a relationship with a female pop star. When she broke his heart, he retreated from the public eye for a decade until now: the release of his solo album and tour. He’s determined to break out of all stereotypes, show he’s a true artist who can write hit songs and play guitar, and find lasting love with a normal girl… except the one he wants is his new publicist and she’s off-limits.

Once they start working together, Jax can’t help but fall back into his flirty ways with Cailin. With years of built up yearning for Jax lingering, Cailin can’t resist. They agree to keep their romance a secret and Cailin finds herself in pinch-me moments that seem too good to be true. And they just might be.
After making it through one crisis after another, the pair are caught off guard and their road to romance comes to a screeching halt. Cailin realizes that she might not really know Jax after all. Jax must confront the fact that his reckless past might be catching up to him.

Can Jax give the biggest performance of his life, and remind Cailin that their love is off the charts?

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