The Burial of Bones by A.R. Breck (ePUB)

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The Burial of Bones (The Bones of Betrayal #3) by A.R. Breck – Free eBooks Download


The final book in the Bones of Betrayal Series! Dark, steamy, and a perfect ending.

My life hasn’t been an easy road.
It feels like every time I dust my knees and stand, I’m somehow knocked down again.
Death surrounds me, even when I race towards life.
The struggle of what I’ve been through weighs on my shoulders.
Though, through it all, there has always been one constant.
Hades Gray.
He is my tether, holding me steady as I’m ready to slip over the edge.
He’s the sanity when I feel as if I’m losing my grip.
He isn’t an easy man. Our romance story isn’t one for the faint hearted.
But he loves.
He loves harder than any man I’ve ever known.
He’s stood here through it all, with his heart open.
For me, and only me.
Our love has withstood war, death, and destruction.
But the best things never come easy, and as the past comes back to haunt us, I feel our love crippling.
And I wonder if we will truly survive, or if our love is destined for death, just like everyone else around me.
And become just another burial of bones.

Trigger warning: This book contains mature content which may be triggering to some readers. Discretion is advised.

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