The Alpha’s Mail Order Bride by Kayla Wolf (ePUB)

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The Alpha’s Mail Order Bride (Alpha Wolf Island #4) by Kayla Wolf – Free eBooks Download


I accidentally became the Alpha’s mail order bride. But when I show up, he cruelly rejects me.
I’m a struggling writer of shifter romance, but I had no idea shifters existed.
Little did I know that I would get married to one.
Little did I know that his next step is to imprison me in his house.
He says he’s never heard of me, that someone faked his dating profile.
But now that I’ve seen his secret Alpha Island, he can’t let me go.
He says he has to lock me up with him, protect me against the demons.
So now I’m stuck in a house with a delicious Alpha wolf. Life could be worse.
He’s the rudest guy I’ve ever met, yet I keep having these embarrassing dreams.
Dreams of his tongue in my mouth, taking my words without asking.
Dreams of his big hands on my curves, teasing me until I can’t hold.
And slowly I want those things for real. Will the rude Alpha give me what I really want?
Or will he make me beg for it?

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