The Alpha’s Forced Bride by Layla Silver (ePUB)

alpha's bride, layla silver

The Alpha’s Forced Bride (Beaufort Creek Shifters #14) by Layla Silver – Free eBooks Download


I was kidnapped, thrown into a cage, and forced to mate with the Alpha.
At my pack’s mate pairing, it’s announced that I’m the mate of the Alpha of the demon wolves.
It can’t be true, and has to be ignored. Until he kidnaps me and lays down the law.
And he makes it clear that no matter what I say, I’ll be his mate and have his pups…
I’m cold, tired, and hungry, and afraid of what’s going to come.
To prepare myself for the Alpha, I must take a ritual bath and rub my skin with purifying oils.
I must walk to his home barefoot with no clothes on to meet him for the mating ritual.
And then I must accept that he will take from me what his demon needs most.
I fight bravely, but I’m no match for the powerful Alpha inside of him.
His darkness possesses my body in its most vulnerable state.
His corrupted soul manipulates me until I can only give in.
And as fear and pleasure engulf my body, I’m haunted by his demons.
Should I let the cruel Alpha possess me?

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