The Alien’s Abducted Romance Author by Margo Bond Collins (ePUB)

alien's abducted romance, margo bond collins

The Alien’s Abducted Romance Author (Aliens & Authors #1) by Margo Bond Collins – Free eBooks Download


He’s abducted the perfect human woman to help him choose a mate. The only problem? She doesn’t know anything about real love.

Three star cycles ago, a Dhrusten scoutship came across an abandoned spaceship drifting just outside their planetary system. Inside, Dhrusten warriors discovered a library containing the history of a race no one had heard of before.
These histories captivated the Dhrusten—tales of the great deeds of heroes, recountings of battles against vicious monsters, detailed records of great detectives, and more.
Vhuron, the captain of that scoutship, found himself entranced not by those epic tales, but by the stories of ordinary males and females finding their perfect mates.
His favorite? The Spaceship Captain’s Bride by the great human historian Savannah Harper.
Now it’s time for Vhuron to choose his own mate. Unfortunately, no one appeals to him.
But he has a plan.
And who better to help him implement it than the one human who knows everything there is to know about choosing a mate?
There’s only one catch.
Savannah Harper keeps telling him she knows nothing about love.

Every book in the rollicking Aliens & Authors series is a standalone romance featuring a spicy hot alien hero and his reluctant human heroine.

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