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rogue, tana stone

Rogue (Alien Warrior Academy #1) by Tana Stone – Free eBooks Download


What happens when the one guy you can’t fall for is the only one you can’t resist?

As one of the new human cadets at an alien military academy, I knew I’d have to prove myself. Especially since I’m one of only a few females sent by Earth. I just didn’t know that the one alien I want to impress would be the one who seems determined to hate me.
I was sent here because I’m a champion pod racer, so why won’t the big, gruff pod instructor let me show him what I can do? If he thinks ignoring me or assigning me after-hours work polishing his pods will discourage me, then he’s never met a girl from Texas.

If I’m being honest, the alien’s huge muscles and gold tattoos have me thinking about riding more than pods when I’m around him, but no way can anything happen with one of my teachers. Right?

Especially since I get the idea that the bad boy instructor is hiding something. Does his secret have something to do with the strange things happening at the academy? If there really is a traitor behind it all, could it be him

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