Tempted By the Viscount by Georgiana Holladay (ePUB)

tempted viscount, georgiana holladay

Tempted By the Viscount (Temptations & Scandals #2) by Georgiana Holladay – Free eBooks Download


The heart-lifting, satisfying follow-up to DESTINED FOR THE DUKE, coming soon

When the Viscount Dutton finds his future bride with another man at their engagement ball, he’s destroyed. When he finds that she’s been cheating with others, he’s furious. He’d foolishly believed theirs to be a love match, but the discovery that his intended was only marrying him for his wealth, and was meanwhile turning him into a laughing stock, hardens the Viscount’s heart and sets him on a dark course of revenge.
Swearing off relationships, he makes his way through the ton, using the wives of the men who have wronged him. Until he mistakes innocent heiress Cecilia in a dark library for his latest tryst and sparks fly. Instead of claiming ruination after their passionate, forbidden interlude, she stays silent. Contrary to her parents’ wishes to marry her off in this, her first season, she has her own reasons for wanting to stay single—even a wealthy, handsome Viscount isn’t enough to tempt her.

But as their friendship develops, they find themselves at odds, caught between the bounds or propriety and their more urgent needs. When Thomas’s one-time fiancé reappears in his life, they’re forced to grapple with with what they want, and how hard they’re willing to fight to get it…

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