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Temptation (Zaragoza Cartel #3) by Lilian Black – Free eBooks Download


I spent half my life cleaning up after a violent, pathetic addict.
My uncle was a sorry excuse for a man and I did everything I could to rid myself of his stench.
Now, I’m successful. I make my own money, I live my own life completely separate from the one his organization promised me and I have no plans of returning.
Even when he turns up dead…
Even when there’s a package at my door with money…
Even when my uncle’s terrifying partner comes looking for me…
It’s all becoming too much, spinning out of control like I’m a homeless teenager again.
The only thing keeping me sane is the dirty little habit I can’t seem to kick…
The only thing that takes my mind off of everything and gives me an excuse to let loose…
That secret? A man with a bloody rose tattoo who knows me as Ivy…
The one who fulfills my every messed-up fantasy and looks like a God while doing it…

Taking out the second in command of the Desalmados was easy.
Tracking down his niece was even easier.
But when my apology gift gets returned with a nasty letter from a seething hypocrite,
My patience runs thin. Now, Ms. Clara Ruiz is on my radar.
Not because she refused to ease my guilt, but because she’s selling her soul to the enemy just like her worthless uncle.
So, I’ll have to kill her too, along with our enemy’s entire bloodline.
It’s the only way to ensure my family’s safety.
And when shouldering the burden of a thousand deaths becomes too much?
I shoot a text to the only woman who can handle my rage,
Who delights in my sexual proclivities, never shies away from a little pain,
And who has a particular way of easing the tension that makes her an addiction I can’t quite kick…
My little Poison Ivy.

Temptation is book 3 in the Dark Cartel Romance series. It is a standalone and can be read separately but it is recommended in order after Leverage and Liability.

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