Teach a Rogue New Tricks by Charlie Lane (ePUB)

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Teach a Rogue New Tricks (The Cavendish Family #2) by Charlie Lane – Free eBooks Download


A villainous rogue. A bluestocking in search of adventure. A partnership destined to end in exile or love.

Ada Cavendish has spent the last five years in the country taking care of her siblings. She can mend a ripped stocking, tend a scrapped knee, and deliver a scathing lecture after any misbehavior.
But she’s ready for a change. What better time than her first London Season? She’ll run a little wild and have a little fun before returning to her quiet domestic existence. Cassius Albee is a future Earl of Brookmere. But he’s also a villain. He was exiled to France after the attempted abduction of his sister-in-law. Now he’s returned determined to reform his roguish ways.
He’s developed a plan for self-improvement. But he’s missing the one thing everyone knows a rake must have in order to reform—a good woman. And when the smart and bold Miss Cavendish delivers a perfect lecture on the depravity of eavesdropping, he knows he’s found the one. Ada agrees to teach Cass the basics of good behavior if he’ll help her break a few rules. But can a rake really learn new tricks, or will their perfect plan end in utter ruin?

The second novel in Charlie Lane’s new Cavendish Family series will keep you laughing and swooning all the way to a happily ever after.

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