Last Christmas the Earl Stole her Heart by Lisa Campell (ePUB)

last christmas, lisa campell

Last Christmas the Earl Stole her Heart by Lisa Campell – Free eBooks Download


She would do anything to elude her fate. She would destroy a gentleman or even her name…
Rose loves Christmas; it reminds her of times when her dear mother was alive. But the sweet memories are about to fade. For, after this Christmastide, all Rose will think of is how her father and her stepmother forced her to marry. To a gentleman she despises. No. Rose can’t allow that.
She will even get caught in a compromising position with another gentleman if she must…
Miles doesn’t like Christmas. Not after suffering the loss of his father at this time of the year. Terrified of losing another person he loves, he has built the highest walls to protect himself. But when his mother asks to accompany her to a ball, he can’t deny her wish.
Miles just needs to make sure he stays clear of any lady coveting his title; or his affection.
That night, nothing goes as planned. Accidentally compromising Rose, he has found himself a wife. Even though he tries to keep his distance, Rose is sweet and witty, and soon he is more than charmed.
But she has a long-buried secret that is about to ruin everything…
While Miles is ready to give his whole heart to Rose, the truth of her scheme is revealed. And he could never forgive such a plotting.
All she wants for Christmas is him…

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