Tamed by the Bear by Fay Walsh (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Tamed by the Bear by Fay Walsh – Free eBooks Download


A Human can never be with a Shifter, especially when the Human is a Hunter. But fate knows no boundaries and when mates meet, there is nothing to stop them. But that doesn’t mean noone is going to try…

Chrys is a beautiful girl, working at an ice cream shop by day. But by night, she becomes a fearful Hunter, chasing Shifters.
Kai is a bear Shifter, with a strong sense of duty, and as it would appear, a Hunter’s worst enemy.
A Romance between them would seem impossible, yet Kai and Chrys come together in a bond stronger than their different bloodlines. The two of them against the World, fighting their way to freedom.
When Nathan, a new Shifter comes into their lives and befriends Chrys, things are about to change.
His interest to Chrys is crystal clear, yet something seems not to be quite right about him…
An Ancient Notebook of Secrets, Fighting Bloodlines, Betrayal, Duty versus Desire, and Friends that are not who they appear to be…
Is Redemption possible for everyone?

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