A Dark Prophecy’s Heir by J. S. Striker (ePUB)

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A Dark Prophecy’s Heir (Fate of the Ten Realms #6) by J. S. Striker – Free eBooks Download


He’s betrothed to my sister, but I can’t deny the tension between us…
My sister made a deal with a dragon shifter in desperate need of an heir, offering her hand in marriage for a reason I don’t understand. However, she claims it will provide protection for our brother and who am I to argue with that? Besides, he can’t be that bad, right?
Klaus is literally the epitome of arrogance. Not to mention, his reputation is savage, burning clans and leaving a path of ruin in his wake. And to make everything so much worse, I keep catching myself staring at the handsome shifter. I don’t want to like him—in fact, I hate him.
But one night, everything changes.
I find myself switching places with my sister, now forever bound to the shifter that I hate, but can’t get enough of between the sheets. It’s toxic, detrimental to my psyche, but I’m starting to think there might be something more beneath the surface of our contention. However, before I can get a handle on it…
His kingdom is suddenly in danger, forcing us to work together.
Secrets come to light, and we realize just how much we need each other. Lives at stake, we must figure out to save each other…
And the heir to his throne.
Can we defeat the threat together? Or will our differences leave us severed forever?

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