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Robert Lansing is well-acquainted with being in the public eye. However, amidst the sea of screaming fans, he often feels a sense of isolation. He has paved his path to becoming a world champion in the competitive arena of mixed martial arts, with a hidden secret. Its soul-crushing weight brings him to his knees night after night. Filled with desperation for something uplifting, Robert loves to tinker with his classic Mustang and spending time with his family. Robert’s pleas must have reached the fates, as on a spring night, he’s greeted by the kindest brown eyes and brightest smile that instantly soothes the ache in his heart. Justin Floyd spends his days as a paramedic, rushing from one emergency to another, and his nights meticulously restoring classic cars in a local shop. The night Robert walks in, Justin’s pretty sure he’s the one in need of cardiac resuscitation. A loaner by nature, Justin can’t explain why he feels compelled to make Robert smile all the time. But each time joy radiates from the champion’s blue eyes, Justin feels the walls he’s built around his heart crumble brick by brick. Building a life together may be their toughest battle, especially when a surprise visit from Justin’s estranged family forces them to face unexpected challenges. Love and lust intertwine, driving these two men to seek their ultimate fulfillment. Only one question remains. Will it all backfire?

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