Pucking Deadly by Zack Wish (ePUB)

pucking deadly, zack wish

Pucking Deadly (Deadly Puck Daddies #1) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


Jack Steel has seen it all playing for the Mafia owned Ice Bears, but this thirty-eight-year-old All-Star veteran might be about to face his deadliest season yet.

New signing Chase Light is twenty-one, cocky, and has never played by the rules – and Jack is instructed by the franchise’s mafia bosses to make Chase fall into line by any means necessary.
But Jack is battling an injury that could ruin his final season as a player. The last thing Jack needs is to be chasing around after a sassy, partygoing boy – no matter how talented Chase may be – but when the big bosses give the orders, you follow them… or else.
Chase is loving life in the big time. He’s the most promising player in the league, and he knows it too. Chase won’t listen to the coaches, his teammates, or even the Mafia family who run the Ice Bears.

But what Chase doesn’t realise is that unless he falls in line and gets his act together, the consequences will be far worse than merely being traded off the team.

Chase is skating on thin ice, and unless he submits to Jack and his demands, things could get very pucking dangerous indeed…

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