Taken By the Spare by Vilyn DeVine (ePUB)

taken spare, vilyn devine

Taken by the Spare (Eudoxia #3) by Vilyn DeVine – Free eBooks Download


I had one day left on my shift when chaos erupts. Taking a job as a correctional officer on a ship that orbits Earth and Hydor isn’t thrilling, but it pays well. And once my month-long shift is over? I get a month of paid vacation. I work, then I travel. Repeat. I had just one more day to go, and then I’d be shuttled back to Earth and ready to go on my next adventure.
This ship was never supposed to stop orbiting, let alone crash land. And I never worried about the prisoners taking it over in a coup against the crown. It’s been an easy job so far. We do our checks. We monitor the screens. We chill. I love meeting new humans and Hydorians from all over the two planets. Nothing was ever supposed to go wrong.
The Captain sends us into the escape pods before we get trapped with the prisoners on this flailing ship. But once we land, we find more threats and more rebels when I run directly into the arms of the one man inhabiting Hydor’s vast northern climate.
I have determined to survive, even when this man living alone in these cold lands takes me to his home, claiming he’s not human but cursed to live in this form. I don’t know what to think except that he’s taken me to the most remote parts of Hydor, and I might never find my friends from the ship or escape these cold lands.

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