Taken By Deception by Jayda Blackstone (ePUB)

taken deception, jayda blackstone

Taken by Deception (The Portal Agency Files #4) by Jayda Blackstone – Free eBooks Download


All my life, I have felt like a puzzle piece that never quite fit.
That is till I chased a kidnapping suspect into a restaurant washroom, and he vanished into thin air.
Now I’ve been thrown headfirst into a hidden world, where I came face to face with Damian, a Fae agent.
He’s broken, something I know all too well.
The kidnapper infiltrated my home, had me kicked off the case, and took whatever morsels of a life I still held onto.
Now a shadow agency has crossed my path, with an offer that seems too good to be true – revenge.
Working with Damian makes my blood boil – in more ways than one – but that’s not why I’m here.
After my heartbreak, the only thing that matters is work and lots of it.
As we pulled back the curtains of deception, we realized we might not have the right suspect in our sights, and are in more danger than we can handle.
I hate to think that we might escape with our lives only to watch the world I just found crumble before us.

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