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When you are running for your life, hopping from one galaxy to another, the last thing you want is to become a mail order bride.
Not me though.
Because why save yourself like a normal human when you can double your chance of getting killed by mating with the universe’s most notorious alien tentacle monster?

Yeah… I don’t make the best life decisions out here…
Except the “tentacle monster” turns out to be the opposite of what I think he is. He vows to protect me. He cuddles me to sleep. He takes such good care of me. And did I mention lots of cuddles?
My heart is melting for this sweet alien, but my brain warns me not to fall.
Not even if he cooks me the most delicious Earth food you could find in all the star sectors. *chomping*
There’s no time for love. A dark force is hunting me down, and if I’m not careful, I’ll not only blow my cover as mail order bride, but also endanger us all.

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