Sweet Revenge by Laurie Roma (ePUB)

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Sweet Revenge (Magical Mayhem #1) by Laurie Roma – Free eBooks Download


As a witch with barely any magic, Autumn Arcane has always considered herself more human than supernatural. At least, that was true until she was chosen to become one of the elite high gods who rules over the six realms. Shocked by her powerful upgrade, she must learn how to balance her quiet life as a bakery owner with her new responsibilities of being the Goddess of Revenge.

But being a god isn’t as easy as it might seem.

When the first person she’s tasked with helping turns out to be her longtime crush, she is astonished to discover the mysterious demon is also her fated mate. After spending two years in magical prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Kingston Spencer has tried to live a quiet life dedicated to service as a firefighter, but the dark stain of his history is impossible to escape.

Autumn and Kingston must first avenge the past before they can fully embrace their future together, and to do that they must truly accept how sweet a little revenge can be.

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