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Surprise Valentine (DIY Divas Military Romance #1) by Elysia Strife – Free eBooks Download


Kali hates Valentine’s Day. The one time she took a chance on a guy, he left her in the dust for another woman.

To her, there’s nothing more humiliating than finding her boyfriend making out with someone else on what was supposed to be their date. So Kali swore off men and buried herself in her design work…again.
Her high-end interior decorating clients keep her busy, but life has become monotonous. On a video chat with her long-time friends, she figures out where she went wrong in life. Yet Kali refuses to believe the promises of men. But when a new customer hires her to decorate his house for, of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day, Kali finds herself in a complicated position.
Jorian Delaney made Miss Kali Lanel a promise before he even saw her for the first time. Upon their meeting, wanting more time with her, he changes his plan and hires her for a party he hasn’t yet arranged. Now he’s stuck frantically gathering friends while hiding his interest from her. It’s pretty clear she’s not going to accept a date. And Jorian knows all too well why.
Her cheating ex-boyfriend is from his platoon. They used to be best friends. Jorian’s attempt to cheer her up has ended in a confession, making her more miserable. He’s pretty sure she now officially hates his guts. But he can’t bring himself to retract the contract. He has limited time at home before his next deployment. And Kali is too good at her job. She’s driven, self-made, a touch fiery, and simply put…perfect.

Will Kali learn to trust Jorian? Or will Jorian be forced to throw a party he doesn’t care for and be stuck without a date?

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