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WARNING: This book may be sensitive to some readers. Triggers include drug abuse/addiction, rape, suicide, strong language and explicit sex. 18 and up. Please read responsibly.

When Noah found himself in the small Midwestern town of Durand, he never dreamed he would stumble across the very thing he had been running from.
Besides the nightmares and agonizing guilt, the only haunting reminder binding him to his past was his step brother, Crew. The very reason that Cami no longer walked this earth.
The one thing that made Noah bear to go on, was to not feel at all.
That was, until Sofia stumbled into his life.
When Nonna passed away, Sofia’s mother slid down a slippery slope of addiction. Leaving Sofia the only one to care for her little brother.
The wall she had built up over the years, was the perfect defense against the nightmare she was living.
She was so close to a normal life, that she could taste it and nothing would stand in her way.
That was until Noah forced his way into her life.
Taking down the wall, she had worked so hard to build.
Brick. By. Brick.

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