Stepbrother Next Door by Anna Wineheart (ePUB)

stepbrother next door, anna wineheart

Stepbrother Next Door (Meadowfall Professors #3) by Anna Wineheart – Free eBooks Download


His stepbrother. His student. The one alpha Quentin wants, he can’t have.

Quentin Bernard has spent the last few years envying his friends—one by one, the professors in the Omega Circle have found their bondmates, settling down into happy little families. Sure, he has his job and a townhouse. But with his terrible track record in holding down a pregnancy, he’s given up hope of having his own happy ending.
Until his stepbrother moves in next door. Despite being younger than Quentin, Hunter is bigger, stronger, and very much an adult. It doesn’t help that Hunter’s gaze scorches Quentin on the inside. It doesn’t help that he’s only wearing tiny swim trunks whenever they meet.
It especially doesn’t help that Hunter has kissed him once, his eyes full of desire and promise.
Years later, he’s still looking at Quentin with that same gaze—in the classroom, over the dinner table with their parents.
The worst thing? There’s a hole in the wall between their bedrooms. And Quentin can hear every forbidden sound his stepbrother makes.

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