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Step-Savage (Wanting What’s Wrong #6) by Dani Wyatt – Free eBooks Download


Believe it or not, being a pregnant twenty-year-old virgin is not as biblical as it sounds.
Doing the world’s biggest favor for my rich best friend in exchange for some serious coin was supposed to launch my dream of becoming the next darling of Nashville.
Only, it all turned into a giant dumpster fire and while I’m trying to stomp out the flames, my dad calls to let me know he’s back from his cruise. And he’s married.
Now, I have a new stepbrother, the star of the Spokane Savages hockey team and the very definition of trouble, with smoldering eyes that make you want to drop your panties and spell out your name on his six pack with your tongue.
Before I know it, he’s onto the secret I’ve been hiding under my oversized hoodies and stretch pants and let’s just say, he’s found his new kink. We shouldn’t want each other but when the ice between us starts to melt, I learn exactly how to handle my hockey-star stepbrother’s big stick.
Only when I open a mysterious envelope, life gives me one more twist. I either need to run and never look back or go all in and pray for the hat trick of a lifetime.

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