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Steel (Variant #6) by Sandra R Neeley – Free eBooks Download


Since being given his freedom, Steel has spent every moment he’s not on mission with Lethal and his SOT team, taking care of everyone else in Alliance. It’s just who he is — steadfast, trustworthy, reliable. He’s seen some of his friends reconnect with family, and chose not to do the same. He’s even watched some begin to build new families, and others choose to walk away from Alliance and their own kind altogether. He’s understood all those choices, and never felt the need to make any changes in his own life. Until now. Now he’s found his mate, Josie. And she’s everything. Everything that soothes him. Everything that excites him. Everything that fills him with a need to be a better male.
But there’s a problem… General Ferriday has given his parents permission to visit Alliance despite Steel’s unwillingness to get to know them. As if that’s not enough to have to deal with, they’re bringing someone else with them. That someone else is Steel’s wife. A wife he has no memory of. A wife that has memories of him that can’t possibly be true. A wife that is determined to get him back into her arms and into her life. When added to a neurotic mother that he can’t believe is related to him at all, and a father that pleads for help that only he and his fellow Variant can give, it becomes an almost unbearable situation. One that forces Steel into a role he has no choice but to accept. If he doesn’t play this just right, make every step exactly where and when he should, lives could be lost. Lives that once meant a great deal to him, at least that’s what he’s told. And now just to make things more challenging, with the unexpected arrival of his mate, it seems he stands to lose her, too.
Could this situation possibly become any more complicated?

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