The Dragon, The Witch, and The Wedding by Amy Lee Burgess (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

the dragon the witch and the wedding, amy lee burgess, epub, pdf, mobi, download

The Dragon, The Witch, and The Wedding by Amy Lee Burgess – Free eBooks Download


Tauria dragons possess short tempers, and their ability to hold a grudge is legendary. Tauria witches are as stubborn as they are proud. Their decades-long feud has angered the king who decrees that one witch must marry one dragon and live with him on Zodiac Mountain. Together, they must repair the broken relationship between coven and clan.
Unlike the other witches, Marley has always been able to see the dragons’ side as well as the witches’. She volunteers to be the dragon’s bride believing she can bring peace by persuading everyone to meet in the middle.
Donovan is a typical dragon – arrogant, short of temper, and gorgeous as hell. He is fiercely loyal to his clan, and his idea of peace is for the witches to admit they are totally in the wrong.
Marriage becomes a tense battleground. Neither witch nor dragon is willing to give an inch. Their weapon of choice – fiery passion that threatens to engulf them body and soul.

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