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start a war, elle thorpe

Start A War (Saint View Psychos #1) by Elle Thorpe – Free eBooks Download


“Do you want some Goldfish crackers, Bliss?”
Those were the last words my brother said to me before he was shot execution style. A childhood code only he and I knew, and one that had a single, clear meaning behind it.
I’m not going anywhere. Not when his murderer is still out there.
To catch a killer, I put aside my life of money and luxury and take over the running of Psychos, a dive bar in the seedy underbelly of Saint View.
But Psychos delivers more than I ever could have bargained for and three men I never saw coming.
Nash, my brother’s best friend. Older and more experienced, he still remembers me as the neglected child he once saved.
War, heir to a biker gang throne and searching for the man who left his mother in a coma. Bonded over a common goal, he introduces me to a world of after-hours clubs, danger, and violence.
And Vincent, the quiet new guy nobody seems to see except me. He’s sweet and quirky, but there’s a darkness in him just waiting to be unleashed.
With every lie we uncover, every secret we expose, the danger mounts.
Until there’s only one thing we know for sure.
The killer is still out there.
And we’re his next targets.

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