Sound of Blue Thunder by A.J. Downey (ePUB)

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Sound of Blue Thunder (Indigo Knights #10) by A.J. Downey – Free eBooks Download


Driller had no idea the far-reaching consequences of that night… he was assured that things would be investigated and that everything was straightforward. At the time, he thought that it would be over in the blink of an eye, even as his ears still rung with the thunderous report of the gunfire he’d exchanged with the suspect.
Of course, that wasn’t how these things went. Not when they reached the court of public opinion… which landed him in a very real courtroom in the fight of his life.
Teresia didn’t want to be here, let alone on such a high-profile case, but ‘responsibility’ was her middle name and she took that responsibility very seriously. Who knew that voting for what was right to the letter of the law would see the system fail her so spectacularly?
The danger was supposed to be over, but it’s only just beginning – the unlikeliest way for a love story to begin, that is, if everyone can survive.

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