Secrets in Seabury by Beth Rain (ePUB)

secrets in seabury, beth rain

Secrets in Seabury (Seabury #5) by Beth Rain – Free eBooks Download


The opening night of the new restaurant at The Pebble Street Hotel is just around the corner, and head chef Hattie Barclay’s head is spinning with everything there is left for her to do.
Even with Ben and Lou on hand to keep her feet on the ground and steer her true, she can’t help but worry that she’s not living up to her old boss Marco Brook’s standards… even if the man was a first-class idiot and his new restaurant is a total flop.
Still, Hattie can’t help but feel that she’s missing the key ingredient to make sure the launch goes off with a bang – and she’s starting to get a little bit desperate!
But when a DIY disaster in the breakfast room uncovers some forgotten memories that had been in danger of being lost forever, it’s not just the hotel’s long-held secrets that are about to be revealed…
Can Hattie win the town’s tastebuds over? Will she realise that the answers to her dreams could be right here in Seabury? Or will her appetite and ambition make sure that disaster is firmly on the menu?

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