Soul of the Dragons by Terry Bolryder (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

soul of dragons, terry bolryder, epub, pdf, mobi, download

Soul of the Dragons (Bad Dragons #3) by Terry Bolryder – Free eBooks Download


Anna is in a bind. Five dragons love her, so completely they’ll risk everything. But as much as being wanted, protected, and loved by so many sexy guys reaches beyond even Anna’s wildest fantasies, she doesn’t know how she can possibly pick between them.
Unfortunately, Anna made a promise before coming to the Blur. And now a dark adversary is here to collect on that promise made in the basement of a dingy library so long ago. And even though the dragons have something to say about it, their strength alone will never be enough to stop them.

But if they unify around their mate, if they learn to work together, just maybe they can win. Meanwhile, Anna will be forced to make the toughest decision she’s ever made, all while the fate of the world and her beloved dragons is in her hands.
Because in the Blur, there are some things that even dragons are afraid of.

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