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soul keeper, eden royale

Soul Keeper (Sons of Olympus #7) by Eden Royale – Free eBooks Download


Shadow is the descendant of Hades, forced to rule an empty kingdom, with only a meddlesome poltergeist and a misbehaving guard-dog for company. But when a mortal arrives on his doorstep, he realizes she may be the key to saving the Underworld, and himself, from falling into the darkness…
Zoe is a workaholic mortal, who has lost sight of the magic in life. But when a work trip sends her to the Underworld, and pairs her with its dark and brooding ruler, she realizes that its magic may be the key to getting everything she ever dreamed of…
Thrown into a world of magic, adventure, and mischievous spirits, the pair form an unlikely alliance to save their worlds. But as sparks fly between them, they soon find that even in the darkest recesses of the Underworld, the light of love can prevail.

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