I Dated a Hot Assassin by Viola Grace (ePUB)

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I Dated a Hot Assassin (Blind Date Corporation #2) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


She has something he wants, and it’s embarrassing. Pretending she’s normal loses its appeal in the arms of her own assassin.

Khytten Danforth has spent her adult life getting by. She spends her days at work and her spare time volunteering at the hospital as a wetnurse. It sounds generous, but since her lactating talent activated after puberty, she’s been stuck with the effects.
Joining the Blind Date Corporation led her to her patron whose need for her is a matter of biochemistry and driven by desire.
After a strange week of kidnapping and torture, the disasters have come to a halt, and she is able to start thinking of what happens next, but Salat has been doing his own thinking, and he wants her nearby and safe at all times. It is a fun wish, but she attracts danger like he attracts admirers and her time with the Demon Cat of Aksalla tells her that she wants more from life than just subsisting. She actually wants to live.
Salat knew that he wanted to keep his kitten near him, but how to manage that feat eluded him until he saw her in action destroying the nest of henchmen. She had all the makings of a superhero or an amazing villain. It was a good thing that he knew how to straddle the divide.

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