Snowflake and the Snake by Jay Leigh (ePUB)

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Snowflake and the Snake (Fiori del Cuore #1) by Jay Leigh – Free eBooks Download


Rival mafia princes forced into an arranged marriage must put aside their differences in order to survive a threat against their families.

Nicolò Moretti appears to have it all as the privileged only child of a New York City Mafia family with a massive social media following.

But in this cutthroat world of smoke and mirrors, appearances can be deceiving. Out and proud, he tries to rebel against his father’s iron will and tyrannical control by refusing an arranged marriage to the Mafia princess of a rival family. But in doing so, he inadvertently sets off a chain of events that threatens to topple the precarious hierarchy of power and influence within the seedy underbelly of the City’s Dons and Capos. And in his world, a man must always pay the debts for his wrongdoings, one way or another.

Gianluca d’Ambrosio is the overlooked problem child and youngest son of Manhattan’s oldest and most powerful Mafia family.

When chaos erupts over the failed arrangement between his sister and the Moretti family’s son, Luca seizes on the chance to step into the spotlight and make his father proud. If the little Mafia prince refuses to marry a woman, it seems only logical for Gianluca to finally come out and take his sister’s place to ensure that the alliance is made. Eager for recognition and recklessly impulsive, he moves from the sidelines and into the center of one of the most pivotal unifications in the history of the mob.

But putting two rival Mafia princes together is like trying to mix oil and water, and the tension soon reaches a flashpoint.

As the pressure and strain of their unconventional relationship grow, so too does the unrest on the streets, inviting a host of rival groups to strike while the iron is hot. With threats on the rise and the discovery of deception from within, Luca and Nico are forced to stop fighting one another and focus on the bigger threats before they both pay the ultimate price for their family’s sordid, bloody history. And with chemistry as volatile as theirs, they soon realize that the enemy of their enemy is sometimes much more than a friend.

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