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Sliding into Home (Playing for Keeps #3) by Lauren Fraser – Free eBooks Download


Sliding into home isn’t easy, sometimes it’s a fight to stay on the bag.

Single mom, and tattoo artist, Kia Kamen finally has her act together. Sure, it might be an illusion, but it feels like a pretty good one. Until a chance encounter with Jeff Smith proves it was all a lie. She’s not even close to having it all together. But what’s a girl supposed to do when her one-night stand from six years ago shows up as her son’s T-ball coach? Blurt out he’s the father, of course.
As centerfielder for the San Diego Hawks, Jeff ‘Smitty’ Smith is used to being put in pressure situations. He just never expected that to mean needing to come in clutch as a dad. Being a father he could figure out, getting Kia to take a chance on them is proving to be a little more challenging. Thank god, he’s a competitive guy, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit.

But how does he convince Kia it’s not a game to him? This professional athlete is ready to play for keeps.

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