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The shadows keep all the secrets

Welcome to Helios – a secluded realm from the rest of the world, where Augurs and humans live together, for better or worse. Nikolai Brax and Val Edison are Powered detectives working an elusive drug ring, while trying to navigate their own tumultuous lives. Elixir, a variety of drugs which give regular humans temporary powers, is getting stronger by the day, with rumors of a dangerous – and permanent – procedure taking volunteers.
When Nikolai and Val come across a murdered victim – an old friend of Nikolai’s who had disappeared years ago – it brings new mysteries out of the woodwork. One happens to be a five hundred year old assassin looking for the relic that gave her immortality in the first place and could be the key to the origin of Elixir. A relic only Nikolai knew about…or so he thought. Now, Nikolai must question everyone he trusts, including his own memories and family, in order to save himself and the people of his city from turning into something they cannot come back from.

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