Sheltered By Love by Sariah Denzin (ePUB)

sheltered love, sariah denzin

Sheltered by Love (Blueskin Bay #1) by Sariah Denzin – Free eBooks Download


The girl next door thought she’d disappeared, and until a grumpy Marine showed up…
…she had.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d move to Blueskin Bay, Maine.
But when you need to start over, what better place is there than a small town where nothing ever happens?
Fate led me to a house owned by the Reid brothers, including the rough, grumpy Zane.
But he’s the least of my concerns when I witness something I shouldn’t have.
What was meant to be my safe haven suddenly turns into my worst nightmare, and I find myself under the protection of Zane, my now supposed roommate.
He sets a bunch of whacky rules, all in the name of protecting me.
But one thing about rules—they are meant to be broken.

Going back to my hometown wasn’t part of the plan.
But when duty calls in the form of a series of crimes giving the town sleepless nights, I have to do something about it.
The wave of delinquency isn’t the only new thing in Blueskin Bay, though—my new tenant, Felicity, is too.
When she runs to me in the middle of the night, I’m drawn to protect her.
But she’s infuriating, my complete opposite, and surprisingly still alluring.
And when she gets in on the action to help me and my cop brother in our investigations, I see a side of her that might just perfectly complement my rough side.
If I can trust her.

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